You Do The Math

It’s amazing what you can buy when hosting with Airbnb

The client

Airbnb is a community marketplace for people to list, discover and book unique accommodation around the world – connecting people for unique travel experiences.

The problem

The EMEA team in London were looking to create a European-wide online campaign, complementing the newly launched ‘Put Your Space to Work’ campaign. Entitled ‘You Do The Math’, the campaign’s aim was to showcase to people what they could end up buying with the extra money they can make when hosting with Airbnb. From cookery lessons, a new six-string guitar and even a backpacking holiday, it really is amazing what you can buy when hosting with Airbnb.


The campaign targeted specific Airbnb audience groups, showcasing three different rewards you could buy, relevant for each audience group.

The rewards were based on 1 week, 1 month and 2 months hosting – increasing in value throughout.

Anyone for a new six-string or a night on the town?

How we solved it

Tasked with developing an illustrative style for the campaign, we worked closely with the Airbnb team to create a style that reflected the brand’s overall approach to illustration and colour usage – whilst creating a specific style for this campaign.

Designs for the graphics were quickly iterated on, reviewing what worked and what didn’t with the Airbnb team. 🎨

The graphics then had final tweaks added or removed, including highlights on objects and simplifying the graphics where possible, making it easy for people to understand what the rewards were.

How about sushi cookery lessons?

After creating the full set of graphics, we then went onto designing the templates for the digital banner advertising, being conscious that the template had to be flexible enough to work as well on an MPU as much as a leaderboard. An internal animator at Airbnb then brought everything to life to finalise the campaign assets.

English banners.

Dutch banners.

Patrick Duffy Airbnb

Patrick Duffy
EMEA Creative Lead, Airbnb

“Triple Double has been a huge asset when we've worked together. They’re able to take a project and run with it, making suggestions for improvements along the way and crafting the work in a thorough and diligent manner.

Their work on our You Do The Math campaign helped lead us to a 5x jump in customer engagement – no mean feat.”